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4 Ways of Getting Instant Cash with CreditXtra

You might think that getting an instant loan would take days however that is not the case with the right money lender in Singapore. We make instant loan available with very little to no paper work.

Quick cash needs for various purposes like home renovation, car, education, medical emergency, vacation, or immediate business cash requirements can be meet with our instant money. Below we share with you 4 ways to get instant cash really quick.


  1. a)Proof of Income– One only needs latest months’ salary / income proof to get 2x to 4x of your take home income. There is no need to worry if you are looking for lower amount and you can easily get the required instant loan on the same day itself.
  2. b)Simple Documentation–  We don’t have any complicated documentation requirements to provide you with quick cash loan but only a couple of documents are required like if  you are resident of Singapore, we require your NRIC / passport, phone bill details, most recent 3-month pay slips and singpass. In case you are self employed, we require 2 years of income tax statement, business profile (ie. ACRA), recent bank statements, financial and management accounts of your business.

For Foreigner’s instant cash loan, we require their letter of appointment, bank statement, original passport, employment pass, 3 months’ salary slips, tenancy agreement and phone bill.  These documents are usually already available with everyone and we make sure that you get your quick cash as fast as possible.

  1. c)Repayment Method That Suits You-We always believe in understanding our customers needs first and then our loan person would suggest you the best way to repay the loan so that you can actually pay it without any difficulty.
  2. d)Get Your Instant Loan With Us Today–  We are licensed money lender in Singapore and we always believe in dealing with our customers’ needs ethically. Right from the processing fee, document approval, repayment method and appropriate suggestions, we are best known for our professional approach. No need to be stressed about finding your quick loan easily and fast now, so just call us at CreditXtra today! We will get you your quick cash fast.

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