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Money Lender

Singapore Licensed Money Lender
Why Credit Xtra has the loan for you

Empowering you financially
We understand that everyone has different monetary needs and even emergencies. That’s why our loans are catered to every unique situation, to help you tide through rough patches and take financial control.
We’re Professional
Because every customer is important to us
We’re Agile
Fast approval and instant cash
We’re Caring
Our best recommendations for your needs
We’re Transparent
No hidden costs and fees
Should you take a Credit Xtra loan?

Singapore Licensed Money Lender

Our loans are designed to see you through the financial “giants” you face. Be it funding a dream or tackling unforeseen emergencies; we are here to help. Before we’re able to turn them into reality, we want you to be well-informed.
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Which loan suits you best?

Personal Loan
Fast approval for quick cash to tide up your short term financial emergencies
Business Loan
Is your new startup in need of funds? Loan and enjoy flexible payment plans now
Secured Loan
Use your assets to get lower interest rates for short term monetary needs and plans
Foreigner Loan
Doesn’t matter if you’re a foreigner, we help you tide through your fnancial rainy days
Getting a Credit Xtra loan in 4 simple steps
  • 1 - Plan your Loan
    We’re just as anxious to help you tide through your situation, but remember, take a loan if you’re comfortable making timely payment.
  • 2 - Apply
    Fill up our form and our friendly consultant will contact you for appointment. Next, prepare your required documents depend on the chosen loan and meet up in Credit Xtra, licensed money lender to proceed further.
  • 3 - Loan Approval
    We provide fast loans and approvals under thirty minutes, all done in person.
  • 4 - Making repayments
    To prevent incurring late fees, remember to make timely payments.
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